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Winston the hedgehog gets a bath!

Winston is the Winneconne (WI) Public Library’s pride & joy.  Here’s an excerpt from the library’s newsletter, announcing his arrival:

Introducing Winston Alfred Hedgehog

Don’t be alarmed if you see a new face in the library this spring. He’s the newest member to the library family-our pet hedgehog, Winston.

Winston was just a baby-about six weeks old when we first brought him into the library on April 16. He made his official debut on  Monday, April 23 with a baby hedgehog shower and new pet open house. More than 100 people came to meet Winston! Don’t worry, if you weren’t able to attend the shower, Winston is at the library taking visitors daily. In fact, he has entertained several students who’ve visited the library with their classrooms in May!

The library staff are all excited about the new pet, and so are many of the patrons! His arrival was announced via our Facebook page a couple weeks before he arrived, and people have been buzzing about it ever since! As part of the preparation, the library staff included patrons in the process of picking out his name. Four names were chosen by library staff members to form a poll from which patrons could vote for the name they liked best. Winston won with overwhelming results!

Lego Librarian Reinterpreted as Hipster Librarian, Warrior Librarian, and More


I love this figure. I tried to find one by squishing a dozen or so packages at the LEGO store. In a nod to Parker Posey in Party Girl she has a book titled “Oranges and Peaches”!


"I singlehandedly  manage the library’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all our other damn marketing projects." Haha, yes.

I want to be a Lego minifigure.

I like the trail that the Internet created. For example, I was watching one of those Douglas Sirk movies, and I noticed that Rock Hudson towered over everyone, and I typed in “How tall was” and I saw “How tall was Jesus,” and I’m like, “Sure,” and half an hour later you’re somewhere you didn’t expect to be. It doesn’t work that same way in books, does it? Even if you have an encyclopedia, the trail isn’t that crazy. I like that aspect of it.
David Sedaris | News | Gambit - New Orleans News and Entertainment (via thecat-eyedbookbandit)
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